Functions Of Corporate Planning Division And Appeal Board

  • To formulate and coordinate the implementation of physical planning policies;
  • To provide advisory service on physical planning for the State Government, Local Planning Authority as well as other departments and agencies at the state level;
  • To coordinate the application of Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172), guidelines and planning standards at the state level and Local Planning Authority;
  • To serve as a secretariat for State Planning Committee (SPC);
  • To collect, disseminate and publish planning information via Annual Report, bulletin, monographs, workshop, seminar and other medium;
  • To act as an Appeal Board's Registrar; and
  • To conduct training for all level of officers.


  • To act as a secretariat to develop Pahang's GIS database;
  • To provide and monitor current land use information for each district;
  • To report to MacGDI Technical Committee of Pahang;
  • To update the Comprehensive Plan into digital format for each district;
  • To monitor the implementation of e-charting and create a ‘Backup’;
  • To maintain the Department's ICT system;
  • To convert planning data from other division into spatial format;
  • To collect data related to open space gazettement status from Local Authority;
  • To review and upgrade the Department website according to current needs; and
  • To monitor and maintain computer hardwares.