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In order to improve the effectiveness in the public service delivery system, the Cabinet Meeting on the 21st March 2007, has agreed on the establishment of One Stop Centre at Local Authorities. With the establishment of the One Stop Centre, the normal processing time for approving applications will be reduced. It is hoped that cases of overlapping technical comments and reviews during processing of planning permission, building plans and land development can be avoided.

Goals of the One Stop Centre

The goal of the One Stop Centre is to reduce bureaucracy in the procedure and process of development proposal as well as to enhance the public service delivery system in the Local Authorities.

Objectives of the One Stop Centre

  1. To coordinate and facilitate the approval process for land development, planning permission, building plans, earthwork plans, road and drainage plans and other development proposal plans;
  2. To reduce the processing time and expedite the process for development proposals application under the Build Then Sell (BTS) concept within 4 months and under the Sell Then Build concept within 6 months; and
  3. To standardize the procedures and process for development proposals applications under the provisions of the National Land Code 1965 (Act 56), the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172) and the Streets, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133).

Role of the One Stop Centre

One Stop Centre is a new unit under the Local Authority. To facilitate its implementation, a committee shall be formed, chaired by the President of the Local Authority.

In order to improve the delivery system on procedure and process of development proposal, all application shall be submitted and coordinated through the One Stop Centre.
The roles of the One Stop Centre are:

  1. To coordinate and monitor development proposals and other applications;
  2. To inform the decision on approval of development proposals to the applicant;
  3. To make recommendations on the land development application to the Land Office; and
  4. To prepare periodic report.

Functions of the One Stop Centre Secretariat

The functions of the One Stop Centre Secretariat are:

  • To receive and check applications for land development, planning permission, building plans and other related plans from the applicant;
  • To examine whether the application received comply with basic requirements or conditions imposed;
  • To distribute the development proposal application to relevant departments for processing and other technical agencies for comments and reviews;
  • To monitor applications that have been distributed to technical departments/agencies;
  • To inform the OSC Committee on all the applications received;
  • To receive any feedback on problems and issues from technical agencies;
  • To collect and coordinate recommendation paper prepared by planning department, building department and engineering department and pre-computation plans for approval by the One Stop Centre Committee;
  • To distribute the decision of the OSC Committee Meeting on the approvals for planning permission and pre-computation plan to the Land Office for applications under 124A and 204D National Land Code;
  • To act as the secreteriat of the OSC Committe meeting in setting the dates for meeting, ensure that meetings be held twice a month and preparing minutes of meeting as well as feedback, for distribution.
  • To collect all OSC Committe Meeting decision paper and inform to the Full Council Meetings, and
  • To distribute the official decision to the applicants, persons who had logded objections and technical departments/agencies.


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